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Are My Glow Plugs Playing Up.


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Hi there

Im pretty sure im correct but just need confirmation,

When I start up my diesel from cold it dont start first time and have to hold the ignition on and then after 2-3 attempts it starts and then get a puff of smoke from the exhaust.

On a seperate occasion again when the engine cold I turned the ignition on/off 4-5 times as to charge the glow plugs and it starts first time no problem. This is why im suspecting it the glow plugs are no charging properly.

Can someone confirm Im right or is there something else I should try first. To be noted that also its when the engine is from cold.


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If it is on a Mk4 mondeo - I would expect forscan to be able to tell you if you have a glow plug down. (not 100% sure as mine is petrol)

I would have thought it was worth a scan.

Failing that you could take each one out and test them and replace where necessary.

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