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New To Me, Mondeo Tdci

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Hi all, i have recently bought a 56 plate 2.0 tdci 130bhp mondeo.

I just have a quick query for anyone that can answer. If i pop the car into 6th gear at anything below 60mph, it really doesnt like it. Is this normal?!

I this is my first diesel for many years and my last car was a jaguar s type 3.0 so it is quite a different car. I really like the mondeo and it is certainly a comfy drive.

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Yes, I guess it's the gear ratios and the lack of the turbo below 2 revs. I have a 2014 2l d 130

You will get use to it...

For me it's a pain I tend to find I have to drop back a gear throughout the whole range.

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Hi thanks for the reply. No doubt i will get used to it, i just wanted to make it was nothing out of the ordinary.

The car does need a new flywheel so i will be looking at doing the upgrade to the solid flywheel when i do it.

Great forum by the way

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