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Mk3 Focus Windscreen Jets On Mk4 Mondeo

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Hi guys

I've a mk4 Mondeo titanium x 2.0TDCI with the heated washer jets. I would love misted jets on the car since the twin jets just ain't my thing.

I know the mk3 focus has heated mist jets.

My question is does anyone know if the part would fit to my Mondeo without much modification?

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havent got any photos but when i had my mk2 focus the first thing i did was fit heated mist washer jets too it.

then again when i bought my mk4 mondeo the first thing i did was swap the mist washer jets from the focus over to the mondeo.

the actual unit itself is completely identical so will swap straight over with no issues. the only thing thats actually different is the nozzle itself where the water comes out of.

i'd definitely say do it as its very simple and the results are great. so much better having the water mist onto the screen rather than 4 seperate jets. visibility while spraying the mist washer jets increases a great deal over the none mist jets

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Thanks. Quite a few older dead postage commenting on the aim being a little low and not optimal. Wanted to see before I did it.

That being said I could stop being a tight fisted money Snatcher and fork out the Tenner for the jets.

Plan b is to get some of these.


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