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Detailed My Car.....again


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Hi all,

Just thought i'd show off my car after detailing for the 2nd time. The first few pics were after I did it last week but I wern't completely happy with it so I re did the lot at the weekend.....

Here's pics from the first time around




Not too bad, My mrs said to me why are you doing it again, looks alright......lol. OCD kicked in I think and this was the result....





Definate difference I think :D I'm happy with it......for now haha :D

Cheers for looking

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Looks good mate......what do you use for the wheels?

Cheers mate :D

I used elbow grease and showroom shine as it has carnauba in it :D

Very nice!!

Cheers mate :D

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Does he use it as a taxi lol? Like them wheels aswell are they focus ST rims? They suit the car well ☺

yeah they are they look good on her :)

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