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Good evening

I have just signed up and would like some help

The cd6000 stereo has bluetooth built in, i have tried to pair my phone but have been unable to do so, I am not sure if the module is present, does any one know where this will be located?

i have seen online that re setting the head unit can resolve connection issue is this true? best option here is to pull the plug on the stereo?

look forward to a reply

thank you

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Are you certain it was originally equipped with bluetooth? Some people get confused with the presence of the 'call' and 'hang up' buttons on the unit and assume it has bluetooth. Someone on here will know more than I, not my field of expertise.

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The 6000 does not have a bluetooth module in it.

If a module is fitted then it is a seperate unit (either mounted behind the glovebox or behind the centre console).

Do you have a microphone port by the courtesy light and a voice button on the steering column radio control?

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