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65Mpg Well Happy !!!

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well last night i drove 20 miles using the cruise control on my titanium x ,, at 50mph and was getting 65mpg according to the car ,, i have noticed that i get alot better fuel economy using the cruise control

what do you normally get ??


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Is it diesel, I'm guessing it is by that figure.

I noticed that on cruise the turbo spools up if on the incline and in my opinion uses more fuel, I just got 62 mph on a recent trip after fitting a k&n panel filter.

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In normal driving my avg is 53.5 mpg that's mainly A road and motorway at keeping up with traffic, that brim to brim not the computer that shows 54.1 so very close 2 ltr tdci mk4 on 17" at 36 psi car has done 1450000. Funnily enough it was better on the winter tyres less drag I suppose as the where 16" and narrower( of my old mk3) got 56.2 might have been driving a tad slower

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I have the 57 plate Mondeo and like you I love to abuse the cruise!

I do a 60 mile run (2x30) per working day, I hit the motorway and stick cruise on, then get to the country roads and stick cruise on again.

I did a run last night and this morning (having reset the car) and I am averaging 64mpg on the combination of town, country and motorway roads :D

My last full tank of fuel was about 2.5 - 3 weeks, and did a range of roads, but spent a lot of time in towns and as such, resulted in 55MPG.

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