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No Sound When Installing New Radio Into Fiesta Mk6


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Hi guys, this is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place

Recently I bought a new radio, Kenwood KDC 237 off eBay to replace the ford 4500 radio in my Fiesta mk6. Radio was tested and said to be working according to the bloke i bought it off. I also bought this fascia kit off of eBay which includes the iso wiring harness and aerial adaptor.

When I went to install this last night, I got to the stage of installing the Kenwood KDC 237 into the fascia I had put in, and when I connected this radio using the wiring harness, the radio powers on and functions fully, apart from no sound :angry: I put in a cd to test this, along with trying multiple radio stations but still nothing. i then plugged back in the ford 4500 radio, entered the code, tried the same cd, and of course, there was sound. So it is obviously either the new radio I have bought or the wiring harness.

I have checked all the wiring and everything seems fine and to match up, as does the aerial. Also reset the radio several times but again this did nothing.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what may have gone wrong and how it can be fixed? Also sorry for my lack of technical language!! Cheers

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