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2003 Mondeo Estate - Tow Bar Wiring

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Firstly, Hi to you all, have just joined your forum as I am having difficulties, but now I have registered I will be keen to keep in touch and read what is going on and hopefully contribute if I can.

I have done some searches, but could not find anything to help me - but maybe it is out there, it may be my lack of fimiliarity with this forum.

I am wiring up the electrics for a tow bar I have just fitted to my 2003 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Lx Estate and the colour coding for the electrics does not match the Haynes manual I am using.

I have planned to access most of the wiring from the nearside as there are 2 access areas (light cluster attahment and first aid area) as this seems easier and then run across to pick up the dedicated RH wiring.Eg there is a green/red wire coming out of the back of the light cluster (stop light) but no sign of this wire at the loom in the access area by the first aid storage.

Can anyone give me guidance to:

- where to pick up the right wires

- colour codes for the wires

- how to remove any trim/panels I may need to get furhter access.

Many thanks,


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Left indicator blue but changes colour near lamp to green/yellow

right indicator blue with red trace but changes near lamp to green/ yellow again

Left and right side lights orange/white

stop lamps green/red

fog green/yellow

so in conclusion looks like theres 3 green/yellow to the rear lamps !

Info taken from ford wiring diagrams for estate

Time to invest in a test light from halfrauds and check wires with coresponding light switched on

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Thanks for your reply Ian.

Although your list is closer than Haynes, it still doesn't fully align with the cables accessible in my boot.

I gave up on looking at the cables in the boot and pulled the light clusters off and tapped into the cables right behind the bulb holders - no mistakes this way! The added benefit was that I could route the main 7 core cable out through a small slot in the bodywork at the bottom of the light cluster which came out beneath the bumper - perfect and no need to drill or be concerned about the heat from the exhaust on the nearside cables.

To anyone doing the electrics for a tow bar on an estate (mine is 2003) take a look at wiring behind the light clusters to see if you think it is as easy as I found.

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