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Coolant Leak


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I seem to have a coolant leak from somewhere. I have just replaced the coolant reservoir because of a crack in the underside of it. Now it seems I have a leak in a possible 2 other places. The top radiator pop (the 2 inch diameter one) on the right hand side of the radiator (as you are standing in front of the car), the metal subframe under it seems to be getting wet from somewhere, also I have a lot of water ending up on top of the gearbox bell housing and have noticed steam coming out from the box where the top radiator pipe goes into, located below the coil. Any ideas what could be leaking? its a 2 litre 53 plate duratec petrol engine.

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Hi Orinoco

Best thing to do to find the leak is to pressurize the system slightly. Get hold of a shrader valve from your local tyre firm and another coolant bottle cap. Drill a hole in the cap and put the valve in it. Use a handpump or foot pump and pressurize the cooling system to about 15- 20 psi maybe a little more depending on how brave you are, (I did 15 psi) Grab a spray bottle with washing up liquid solution in and spray around hoses etc. The solution should bubble up. To be honest though you should see coolant escaping from the leak source anyway, the washing up liquid should make it easier to see the bubbles. It's worked for me before

Good luck finding the leak mate :)

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