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Flat Battery

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First time I have got onto this forum, sorry its a snag, have had to have my Mondeo Estate

jump started this morning. I have been around the web and it appears there is a issue

with battery drainage on this model. its a 2 litre 2011 diesel.

Any info/advice greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for all your interest in my battery situation. I have to confess to the possibility of not checking that my boot/tailgate lid was correctly closed.

When I switched on the starter button and realised there was a prob, I heard a clicking sound from the back of the car as well as a clicking from the starter under the bonnet. Also the back door was not properly shut when I checked it out.

As I did not want to wait until Friday to have the main dealer check out the battery etc, today I went to one of our local battery people here in Plymouth and they did a free health check for me.

After charging up, It appears all is well - the boot light was probably on for 3 days and did for it (the cars battery)

So a lesson learned and I hope a lesson for all who read this, that there is a very big downside to not making sure your estate cars tailgate is properly shut. Especially if the vehicle is standing for some time like mine was.

In my defence all I can say is that I had done a 7 mile walk and did not ensure that the door was shut after taking out the dogs crate. I was fairly knackered you see and my mind was on the elixir of life in the form of a pint of Old Speckled Hen (I know - no excuses)

The upside was :- All you great people that took the time to try to help me out .

Thank you very much.

I am not looking forward to my next prob, but if I do have one, I know where to come

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Thanks Pragmatix - for your information the following beers are also worth a try

Any Hook Norton brews (Old Hookey being the best)

Old peculiar (theakstons)

Bishops Finger (Shepeard Neame)

Double Stout (Shepard Neame)

Pedigreee (Marstons)

all the above have been trialled at great length and can be honestly rated as "smashing"

A quick tip - put them in the fridge to cool down even if they are not lagers - they taste their best then

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Sorry Old Peculiar is a shadow of its former self, the others Yep good beer and it should be served at 5c for the best balance of flavour and drivability of course draft is best, and if you should get to the Bolton are find some beer by the Blackedge brewery can't wait for my next trip South to the inlaws.

A flat battery wouldn't stop me finding good beer ( think that got us back on topic )

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Just for the record I have to put my hand up and state that I am a caravanner

For the record my Mondeo TDCI 2ltr titainium powershift is perfect for the job having used it for the last 2 years

As a Tow Car it is perfect for the job and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in caravanning.

Loads of room for stowage (caravans have a maximum weight (MTPLM) so if like me you take everything including the kitchen

sink and sky HD then you will need all the space and weight availability you can get. My wife is somewhat disabled and cannot manage a 4 x 4 so we have to use a good estate car.

Old Peculiar and Old Spotted Hen are currently available at half price £1.24 from Tesco should you feel the need of

a decent gargle - make hay while the sun shines - that's what I say.

Whats this about OP not being as it was?

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OP used to be a much stronger and tasty ale, before the split in Theakston's Brothers that gave use the Black Sheep Brewery, as a lad in the 70's you would only be served a half pint of OP if the landlord didn't know you it used to be about 8% I lived in Yorkshire then. Bike lights have a flat battery so have had to drive to the coop to get some Fursty Ferret see still on the battery topic :-)

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Well who'd have thought that - dropped the alcohol and yet its still a smashing brew. I see you are located in Perthshire, I was

up at Perth last year, we were trying to dodge the heat.

Went from Plymouth to Clitheroe, then over to just north of York (Slingsby) then up to Scone, lovey place, however the temp

was still 28 which was too high so we ended up at Fort William - yes you guessed it temp still 28.

The car behaved perfectly all the way with fairly good mpg and of course the Mondeo comes into its own on the motorways.

At Perth there was a "Games Exhibition" and some fellow caravanners who were locals called me over for a "wee dram" which

turned into several drams. Good memories.

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If it's a dram you like try the coops own malt, it's Dalmore from the Black Isle nice Sherry finish, that'll recharge yer battery.

Yep Scotland was warmer than Englandshire a lot of the time last year, at the game show I was at the gate giving out poo bags to dog owners, I had two Border terriers with me

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Just to finish "The Flat battery Saga". I have fully charged my battery after confirming that my Silver Calcium battery can be charged by my Intelligent Lead/Acid charger. So barring any mishaps all should be ok now.

However I am surprised that the modern alternators are not as good as I thought they were, several people mentioned that

they (alternators) do not push out a great deal of juice and that a good overnight trickle charge is recommended every now and again.

Brings back memories of my first cars and Dynamos - now there's a thought to send you crashing into Asda and wrenching a

bottle of Abbot Ale at £1.17 to calm you down.

May I just put in a disclaimer here and urge everyone - please do not drink and drive, its not worth it. When the alcohol law first came into being many years ago such a lot of my friends got caught out and their stories are amazing. The true cost is in lost and wrecked lives but the insurance people will take their toll out of your pocket too - for 10 years!

Oh just to finish - Harley (pictured) is a cross Border and Cairn Terrier so is constantly wanting me to go up to Scotland

No matter who is in charge it will always be a beautiful place.

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