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Handsfree / Iphone Connectivity


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Hi all,

I've currently got a 54 plate mondy which I had a Parrott MKI9000 hands free / iPhone kit charging / music connection installed.

Am replacing car tomorrow for a 2010 Mondeo Titanium x which has the Sony DAB factory fit headunit.

Quandary....... It's worth uninstalling the Parrott and installing in the Mondeo or is the bluetooth factory fit worth keeping?

Just don't want to spend £100 removing parrott and another to refit it if factory fit is good enough

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My old man has got a titanium x and his handsfree system is good enough! I certainly wouldnt bother spending the money!

I have got a parrot system in my mondeo and i think the parrot is better, but not £100 better!

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Thanks Ryan,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. just didn't want to be in a position of " i wished i'd have got the Parrot removed "

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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i agree a good system

i had the same dilemma when i px my car i decided to leave it in my train of thought was hopefully it will stop some idiot causing an accident while speaking on the phone and driving.

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Thanxs guys / Gals...

You've really helped, not knowing what the Sony DAB was like was making me think about keeping it, saving me ££££££ :-)

The only issue i now face is charging it, as this is what the Parrott did, when i pickup the car tomorrow i think the power outlet is in the dash behind the gear knob and not in the center arm rest.

Guess i'll just have to run a cable :-)

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