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Mk3 Blower/heater Problems..


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Hi all and greetings from rainy Finland. :)

I have to come all the way here and search solution to my problems as finnish Ford forum is pretty much dead.

So, to the problem at hand:

Theres actually two problems, but im not sure if theyre connected to each other.

First and the most annoying is, that when i set the temp for example to 25C and press footwell, middle and windshield directions, theres most likely 25C air pushing to footwell and at the middle, but the windshield gets cold air. I could live without windshield direction, but it tends to get foggy quite soon. Dont know why though..

I get warm air to windshield only when i set temperature to "HI" and as you can guess, thats no option if theres not -30C outside as theres like +2 currently outside.. :D

The other problem is that my temp setting has a mind of its own. It changes the temperature by itself, without asking my permission and im quite fed up with it.

Lets say i set the temp to 22C and turn off the car. When i start the car next time, the temp is set to "HI", or to 16C or something completely different than the 22C which i set earlier.

It also changes the temp sometimes when its on. Today i was driving from work and set the temp to 20C and when i looked at it a minute later, it was set to "HI".

Is my control panel busted or what?

Oh, i completely forgot the problem number three..

Sometimes blower wont blow warm air at all, only cold even if i set the temp to "HI". When i press off and let it rest a minute, then it works and blows warm air.

Im just about ready to drive that car to the deepest swamp i can find. :angry:

Thanks in advance!

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