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Reduced Power


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Hi guys sorry if this has been posted already. I did look but couldn't see anything. Anyway my car has been running not very well at approx 2000 rpm in every gear. It seams to be what I would describe as a vibration from the front end. So I have changed diesel filter yesterday and saw a slight improvement and also cleaned egr and blanked it off today.

When I jumped in car there are no warning lights of any kind and it seamed to go well untill I increased revs then power went and it feels like as if it is running in limp mode.

I hope someone can assist.

05 115 mondeo estate diesel

thanks mick

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I was looking for a "limp mode" post and came across this which does not quite describe my problem. I have a Mk4 Modeo Estate Auto. ( 36K ) and I went out this morning and hit a bump on a very wet surface. Got immediate wheel spin and the car went into limp mode. About a mile further on the "Engine Malfunction" display came on and I pressed OK and it disappeared. A little further on it came out of limp mode and drove normally.I stopped in a lay-by and turned ignition off. When I restarted it was in limp mode again and again the Engine Malfunction display came on. After another mile, came out of limp mode and drove normally. Same happened next time I stopped.

Any ideas ??


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