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Mk4 Water Above Driver

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Hi folks,

I've recently just bought a 58 plate Mondeo and really enjoying it (great car) but over the last couple of days with the typical English weather I've started to notice that there must be a leak somewhere. I have quiet a substantial wet patch above the drivers sun vision which carries around to the above the drivers door and towards the front window. There is a small patch on the passenger side as well but it isn't as bad.

I've tried looking online but ever seams to be going on about the footwells if anything.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is it the seals on the front windscreen or do you think the seals on the sun roof have gone? (Since the weather is still not great, I haven't had chance to investigate)

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Cheers for the repies folks!

Found out that the it was the sunroof drains....drilled out the 1 way valves at the bulkhead and made sure they were attached properly at the sunroof side (bit loose...letting water through) tested and seems to be Ok now

I have discovered that the footwells are wringing wet so this is another issue. I have seen alot mentioned about this but will investigate!

Any suggestions...much appreciated!!

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