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Changed Mk4 Lights


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Hi, I changed from the standard lightbulbs to the Halfords own brighter bulbs, which are supposed to look like xenons, after following a few guides on unit removal and refitting, it appears that the lights are pointing too low, it doesn't have self levelling, only the know on the dash with 0-4, it was on zero, as there is no load in the vehicle, what have I done wrong please, or have I missed something, I will mention though, I fitted the bulbs to the connectors first then secured the clip, where as in the videos it states to fit the bulbs in the holes first, is this where I've gone wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Definitely secure the bulbs first or else it is very easy to get them upside down.

The tabs on the bulb are probably pushed against a raised part of the mounting hole causing the bulb to angle downwards.

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