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My Ford Mondeo Mk 3 Ghia 2.0 Petrol Refuses To Start


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Yesterday I came across a weird experience while starting my Ford Mondeo Mk III, with the Terminal 15 on, as usual the Instrument cluster performed a self test, all the needle moved to the extreme position and got stuck, the A/C came on and the door actuators started making rattling noise as if they were actuated externally, post this issue I attempted to start the car but the engine refused to start. I could here a distinct clicking sound of the starter motor solenoid but the starter wont turn.

The battery voltage was checked by means of a multi meter and it was displaying 12.50 Volts without load & 11.38 with Load ( Starter Motor Actuated). I have personally worked on many Ford Mondeo but have never come across such a symptom. A normal scan will be done at the dealership but I am a bit anxious about such an issue.

Has anybody come across such an issue and have resolved? If so then kindly please share the remedy.

Thanks & Regards,

Subraya Kamath

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Thanks for your revert.Tried a power cycle as mentioned by you yesterday itself, but no change. some how I managed to jump start the engine by pushing the car. The engine was kept running for at least 15 mins with no electrical consumers and then tried starting the engine immediately after an off. The engine started without any issue.

The instrument cluster trip meter turned to 0 during this failure, seems to have some kind of an electrical issue. I have never come across such kind of a symptom during my 10 years of tenure with a Ford Dealership here in Mumbai.


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Sounds very much like your battery is knackered! It may be showing decent readings but could still be knackered.

I know that the jaguar x types throw up very weird gremlins when the batteries are on their way out!

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