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Mk4 Subwoofer And Spare Wheel; Possible?


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Hi all,

My newly acquired 2011 mk4 estate has the ford stereo upgrade with the subwoofer in a polystyrene 'housing' in the boot where the spare wheel goes. There's no spare wheel, just a puncture repair kit.

I wan to put in a mini spare wheel with jack and keep the subwoofer. Is there room or will I need to relocate the subwoofer? And if so where to?

Pic below to show what i have now (not my car but the same).


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OK no replies so I went to my friendly Ford man and tried a mini spare. It definitely won't incorporate the sub woofer so now the question is where best to re-site it. Any ideas?

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Yes, I think it may be but no-one seems to make a housing for the Mk4 at the moment, and the side moulding as is looks to be too shallow. A local audio guy has offered to make a sound box to fit the RHS rear panel or perhaps make a fibreglass mould to house the speaker in the spare wheel itself.

Think it's going to be trial and error to get the best solution.

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