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John L

Rear bumper repair (grey panel) 2009 Model

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I wonder if anyone with a new Fiesta has found themselves needing a rear bumper repair?

This morning my 8 week old car had a slight altarcation with a low wall in my driveway.

I was distrated when reversing off the road and bump! On going to look - I was expecting some nasty damage - but I was pleasantly suprised to discover nothing too serious. Perhaps a good testament to the car.

As the rear of the car was angled up during the reverse the soft insert had taken the brunt of the damage.

There is a 5p piece sized "ding" and a bit of a crease mark each side.

The main hard bumper is virtually unscathed a very slight nick in the plastic - being a black model this is almost invisible. However, the damage to the grey insert is a little more conspicuous though not desperately so.

Does anyone one know if it is possible to replace this grey plastic insert panel at reasonable cost?

I have had a look and it appears to be a separate component from the main rear bumper assembly.

I know I could ask my dealer about it but would like a guide to the likely cost before hand if anyone can help?

If it looks to be pricey I'll wait a few months until the first service is due - however, if reasonable I'll get it sorted ASAP.

Thanks for any assistance.


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I had what sounded like a nasty scrape reversing in a carpark over a pretty high kerb. When I got out to check the damage, there was nothing that I could see! I had a full quota of passengers so it was riding pretty low and I thought I'd wrecked the rear diffuser but was pleasantly surprised to see no visible damage. Checked underneath the car and nothing's been unseated or come loose which is prety lucky.

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Theres another thread somewhere about new accident damaged cars being broken for spares,might be easier(cheaper),to get the part from one of them,


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