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Radio Snap, Crackle And Pop


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Since Wednesday 15th April my Fiesta Sony stereo has been playing up.


This is what I get when there is any kind of water on the car (condensation in the morning through to rain). It's not usually constant but it will make this sound for as little as a few seconds to as much as a minute or so before it gets louder and cuts out. This leaves all audio dead (nothing from radio, satnav or Bluetooth).

Awaiting to take it in to my nearest Ford dealer (not the dealer I bought it from as they are 110 miles away) on Wednesday afternoon for them to inspect it on Thursday to confirm a warranty fault.

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Update on this.

Took the car back to the Cambridge dealer (point of sale) on Saturday and left it with them for investigation and repairs.

Had a call this evening to say the stereo is faulty and would be replaced. Waiting on an update on the lead time to get a replacement.

Hopefully the light is at the end of the tunnel!

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Been told that hopefully the stereo will be with them on Friday so should, fingers crossed, be able to pick up the car on Saturday.

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Bad news update. Stereo is on back order and may arrive at the dealer by the end of next week. service manager is on leave until the 13th so unlikely to get the car back until middle of week after his return.


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Finally got the car back today with a brand new audio unit fitted and fully working.

Shame, I got used to noise of the acceleration and feel I should be turning the stereo off now :D.

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