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Superchips Bluefin?


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You won't need one specially for your model, any 2nd hand handset will do as it will need to be reprogrammed to your car before you can use it.

Once the handset has been plugged into a certain car it is locked down to that particular car.

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Just been on eBay to have a look and saw this :/

A word of caution to anyone tempted to buy a used Bluefin on eBay... DON'T DO IT!

Unless you are the original owner, registered the unit when new, and it's under 12 months old, Superchips WILL NOT reprogramme it to another vehicle!

It has a trade-in value only of £25 + VAT against a new one at FULL RETAIL PRICE!

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Hmmmm well dunno where they are getting that information from, I bought mine on eBay, used for £45 and bluefin charged me £115 to reset it to my last st last december/January time. Then I reset it again this January to my new st for £225.

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Thanks for your reply. You will need to send it back to us to be reconfigured, and the price will be £232.20 inc. return carriage and VAT.

That's from superchips themselves

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