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Attempted Breakin

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Thanks for the pic. Helps a lot. I Think it is lightly different in that 6 and 7 are not there but there is a single piece which stops the outer barrel rotating. Also there is from what I can see one number 1 pin which I think is in the picture below. this is the one I am trying to remove with no success as of yet. I do not see the upper "1" as shown in your picture though. 3,4,5 I see and can remove. So it looks like I need to get "1" separated from "2" and I might get a bit further. Thanks


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Result. Thanks for the diagram. It's the same two types of pins (1) in diagram. The top one slides out to the side. Tapped it out with a very fine panel pin. The lower one which can be seen inside the recess in the last photo. This on is a Ba????d to get out. It sits in flush as seen in the photo. In the genuine part this pin is held in with the side wall tapped over the pin on two opposite side to stop it falling out. You need to clean these back so the pin is clear to the slot. Then with a steel nail with the end buffed and sharpened I tapped on side if the pin. As seen in the diagram the pin is T shaped so tapping it one one side it eventually lifted on the other side.With a bit more work got it out. Then the rest follows the diagram. Once I had the barrels separate the problem with the lock showed itself immediately. One of the sprung levers ( lugs or what ever they are called) was jammed past the out rim of the barrel. It was out past wether the key was in or not. When the attempt was made to break in they must have jammed a screwdriver in the lock and with the wide section of the blade of the driver must have over drove the levers past the point of no return. So with said panel pin tapped it back and it sprung into place. With some light grease reassembled the lock and hey presto the key works fine in the lock. It is still damaged so I will order the repair kit and now that I can explode the original will be able to build the replacement in no time So thanks to all to aided in the sucessful solution to this issues

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