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Tick Tick Tick When Warm


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I will get a recording up sometime today.

I am familiar with various noises that engines like to make, I just wish this was one of those that can be ignored.

I can add that it's started to make the noise from cold too.

Still no noticeable effect on driving, so given up on my sticky valve theory.

Waiting on the weather to be kind and get the timing belt cover off for a good long look.

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Yeah mine sounds the same when it's not ticking...馃榿

Gonna have to think if there's away to replace the tensioner while maintaining the timing for the time being, as funds at the moment just won't cover booking it in for a complete kit to be fitted.

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Ford zetec se ticking noise part 2:

So finally the noise has been cured!!

Spent most of the day fighting with the timing belt cover.

I had it running and nearly threw the towel in.

Could find no fault with the tensioner, then by chance when releasing tension I heard a tap.

Couldn't believe my luck!

Flipping thing was hitting against its own "bump stop"

All went back together nicely, although I got so p***ed off with the timing belt cover it snapped in half.

So got to find another.

Thanks for the pointers given on here, would never go near the timing belt normally.

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