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Well done my washer bottle


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Today it finally ran out, how impressive is that 10 months without one top up!!!!

Blimey Michelle ... I remember us talking about this a while ago, and I'm like Irononreverse, in that I need to top up my washer bottle ever two or three weeks. You must have some clean, fly-free roads in Essex. :lol:


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All I can say is that your all too trigger happy lol, I have to have a spotless clean windscreen at all times, I suppose were Max cleans the car every week without fail and that it goes in a garage over night and sometimes most of the day, then thats the reason its lasted well, I do use it honestly lol.

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I was going to post something about you never taking the car our of the garage, but now that i think on, I haven't filled my wash up as much, and i am obsessed with a clean windscreen.

But now we are getting into moth suicide season, i will be filling it up daily.

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