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new speakers sound poo?


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hi all,

i installe dmy fly 5.5" speekers in about a month or so ago and ive been 'running them in' on low settings but at high volume they sound crap?

i mean to get them to work past 30 on the volume controll on the head unit you have to turn the bass right down!

i bought these on recomendation beause there aparently ment to be verry good Speakers? (sister company of vib eor somthing).

why are they so crap?

the head unit ive got is a JVC thing.

hopefully all the bass freaks can help m eout on this one :P


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Have you wired them up correctly??

If they are not in phase they will sound cr@p, muffled and distorted.

hi mate,

well standerd there are 2 white and 2 yellow wires at the back of the door card.

the only way to get the FLIs wrkin is to twine the 2 yellows and white wires tother and solder on to the 2 terminals on the back of the speaker.

is this the correct way?

i wouldent of thought it matterd as long as they worked thats the best they get?


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