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Mk3 2013 radio code required?


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17 hours ago, alexp999 said:

Nope, it doesn't have one.

That's not strictly true. The radio does have a code but it's linked to the car's VIN. The system checks that the two match before allowing operation. This means you don't have to re-enter the code if the battery is disconnected.

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17 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

If that was the case you wouldn't be able to swap headunits but you can. Fiesta is the same.

I have an aftermarket unit fitted professionally, when it was fitted, there was no mention of codes. So it should be alright for me to change battery?  

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12 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

If you have an aftermarket unit then it depends on the unit. I'd check the manual for it before unplugging the battery



No manual :( it's a android unit from China. 

Might just have to see what happens :S

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