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New alternator new battery and still has battery light but drives fun, any ideas?


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I have a 1.4 Fiesta 2004 Mk 6.

About 2-3 moths ago the battery light came on, I took it to the local garage and was advised that it was a problem with an alternator so had that replaced. The battery light was still on when they gave the car back and I was suspicious but the mechanic showed me the alternator charging the battery etc and was satisfied that the car worked well enough, albeit with the battery light on.

About a month later, after leaving the car parked for about 10 days the battery was flat, so took it upon myself to invest in a new battery. Problem solved but battery light still on.

I have been driving the car a fair bit since then, couple of long distance trips, lots of night driving etc all with the battery light still on but the car seems fine. Have even left the car parked for 3 weeks and it started first time.

I do however want to get the light sorted so I can tell when there actually is a problem with the alternator and/or battery and concerned that it may not pass the dreaded MOT with this warning light on.

Would be grateful if anyone knows if this is a common problem with a simple solution, my searches on various sites hasn't come up with anything of much use.

Your help is much appreciated.


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Did the garage fit a silver calcium battery? It's possible that the "smart charge" system has failed. this had been known to be caused by a corroded wire in the 3 pin connector coming out of the alternator

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I have the same issue. battery light is on, did go out for a day or 2 but came back on. Car starts and drives fine. Run tests with it at idle and with revs and its charging. Replaced the 3 pin connector today but that hasnt cured it. 

My lights also dim on and off whilst car is idling. Any other suggesstions or do i need a new alternator? 

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