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build date - delivery date

zetec_s ljk

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i'd tell ford to shove their order where the moon don't shine and buy the absolute s*x on wheels corsa VXR

Oh I am more than tempted - don't you worry!

Infact - I've a good mind to do just that. My current C2 VTR has been wonderful the 3 years I've had it from brand new. I just felt like a change of car & unfortunately Citroen don't do any models that I really like the look of so decided on the new Fiesta. Maybe I will keep the C2...or better still - hang on until March next year when the beautiful new Citroen DS3 gets launched in the UK - the car that stole the show at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show last month. At least my local Citroen dealer have always been top notch. Ford take note...


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Well mine was built on the 18 Aug and arrived at the dealers on the 4 Sept and I picked it up on the 5th - I know mine was not a ZS but it is a kitted up Titanium 120 so more or less the same car (although with more toys on it!)

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