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Hi all,

So, I've just recently checked my engine over, no problem there, until I noticed a pipe was hanging down from the engine. So far I've determined it's the cold air intake, that the joint that held the pipe to the front grate (or wherever the intake actually draws from) has broken partially - the piece still slides in to the appropriately shaped gap, but it will not stay in place. It's my belief that a piece of plastic that should keep it connected on the top of the intake-to-pipe assembly (I'm sorry, I don't know if there's a proper name for it) just wore out over time.

So, that's the situation. my questions three are these;

- I understand a faulty air intake can have an effect on fuel economy and engine performance, would it affect this much if it were left hanging down as it has been?

- Given that I have to reattach it and the standard fitting is failing to hold in place properly, would it simply be a case of supergluing it back into place or is there something more appropriate for fixing it?

- how long would any such repairs last?


Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


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Hello mate, 

A faulty air intake can have an effect on how the engine runs but normally only if the cold air feed is blocked my something, you can remove any pipe work before the filter and you shouldn't notice any difference (The stock air filter is so restrictive anyway). What I have done and i believe a lot of people do is remove the whole thing. I have a I57 filter with a 90 degree pipe going straight in to the Throttle body. It makes the car much easier to service and clean, and it gives her a little bit more punch, I will see if i have a pic 

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