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Thanks for the warm welcome, 

I thought i would add a touch more detail to my self.


i'm and car enthusiast have a number of cars, i enjoy both driving them and working on them, i have dispraxia and autistic spectrum disorder so sorry for my spellings!

I have two young boys and a fiancee.

Ok so my display name, well i love manga so sempi is from one of the anime. as for the rev part im a fully ordained reverend so yes people i am a true Rev :).

cars i currently have are:

2002 Ford Focus Estate MK1 1.8 TDCI in baby blue

2001 Vauxhall Astra MK4 1.6 8v in purple (hopefully going to end up a modified 2.0 Turbo) 

1997 Vauxhall Astra MK3 1.6 8V in dark green 

1996 Vauxhall Frontera 2.5 TDS in gold 

cars i've owned are:

1996 Ford Mondeo 1.8 

1997 Ford Escort 1.8 (rally modified)

1996 Rover 416si 1.6 (with 21 thousand pounds of race parts) ( no thankfully i did not fit them previous owner did

1996 Vauxhall Astra hatchback MK3 1.6 16v automatic

1997 Vauxhall Frontera 2.5 TDS


hope to meet you all in the future.




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