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Any idea's what this bang is....?

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Hi Guys


I had an issue last night driving home, 13 seconds into the video below. A large bang, as if I had just driven over something. Felt like I had, but there was no debris, pulled over several times after to check the car, and there is no apparent physical damage to the car externally, underneath I cant immediately see any damage...No warning lights, watching torque the turbo was spooling up to 25psi I believe, so seemed it was still working.

At one point I did find below the fan, and near the intercooler, soaking a large diameter hose, appeared to be some oil., not a lot,  but it looked fresh, no oil pressure warning light though, will check the oil before I head off to work...

Any thoughts?



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Really strange! I think you might have been swiped from the side by a small animal that made it's way under your car happens to me a lot on the motorway near my house, causes a loud bang and feels strange, mainly rabbits, you might be going 70MPH but they're sometimes quick enough to get hit under your car and survive then run away.   

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Well the rest of the footage showed nothing. I did find one anomaly... The offside rear brake line appears to no longer be tucked up out the way, I am wondering if the bang might have been a break in a bracket holding the line if such a thing exists?

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