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0-60 times with different weight onboard


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hi all

does anyone know how much a cars 0-60 is affected by weight?

they say 0-60 in a fiesta can be done in 9.9 seconds, but on what weight measurement? how heavy was the driver? 7 stone?

question is as me and my friend who has a 2 litre golf did a standing start run to 60, he was managing to out accelerate me, even though his 0-60 would be plus 10 seconds.

I did have another (overweight passenger with me - 16st rough estimate) so im thinking this affected the slower acceleration?

so what im looking for is how much does every extra kilo/stone slow down the 0-60 times, anyone know?

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did a quick calculation, for a petrol zetec s, 10kg extra increases the 0-60 time by approx 0.1 seconds, hope that helps

...and 16 stone is just over 100kg - so thats a whole second to add!

A full tank of fuel will probably add another 1/3rd to 1/2 a second.

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