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EML,P2008 code, loss of power

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Hi guys been to a mechanic and they said I need to replace the inlet valve solenoid or something? I have a mk2 ford focus zetec 1.8 petrol duratec HE, I have a picture of what they said the problem was and wondered if any of you knew what the part is called, I have been told it's the part with the two black things on

Thanks in advance

2016-02-29 12.30.37.jpg


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Snap.  I have the same error code.  It seems most common on the 1.8 for some reason (I have a 1.8 too).

I have lived with the error for over a year because Fords told me it could be very costly to investigate/fix (possibly many hundreds of pounds), they also told me I'd hardly notice any difference.  So I ignored the errors for a long while but now the high revving is getting annoying/silly so I have been reading up on the error over the last week or so.

I'd say most of the posts do suggest swapping out the part you have pictured (prices claimed to be between £50 and £70).  It looks simple enough that even I could replace it.  But to be honest the part looks so simple that I'm not sure what could go wrong with the current one!

If you do replace this part please let me know if it works?

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Some more reading from this site:

And attached is an image from a Russian website of the Ford part unboxed (I don't have the actual part no.).

Ps.  I haven't noticed a significant loss in power, but maybe it was gradual or I'm just lucky so far.




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