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1.4 zetec

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can you guys point me in right direction,

just bought a  fiesta 1.4 zetec with full zetec s spec for my sons first car, the problem is that it won't idle, new leads, coil pack and plugs, the plugs were black, and running rich, it goes ok if keep revs up but down on power, I was investigating last night and disconnected maf that made no difference, then if I hold open butterfly just slightly on throttle manifold it idles, but the butterfly is pushing to try close all air coming into engine, any help would be grateful,

It's a 2004 model 

cheers, Mark

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Try removing Fuse 16 for an hour or 2. It should reset the PCM.

I don't know what you disconnected but there is not a maf on a 2004 1.4 petrol engine.

I assume no engine management light on or EAC fail message ?


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Hi dan,

cheers for info, am a diesel person myself, well the sensor I disconnected was left of throttle bodie when I disconnected it the engine management light came on and my fault reader said low voltage, I'll try that tonight see how I get on, 

many thanks,


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