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Bluetooth problem


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When my car connects with my iPhone it automatically plays whatever playlist it is on even if i dont select it on the dashboard controls. So i could be listening to the radio in the car but my iPhone in my pocket will be playing a playlist and so it is running down my battery loads.

I dont want to turn off the bluetooth compatibility because i want to be able to answer calls - any body any ideas?


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It's simply rubbish isn't it? The same thing happens to me if I plug the phone in by USB - it will select the BT audio feature over the USB cable so long as the car is paired for calls.

It seems there is no fix, the BT audio cannot be deactivated independently of bluetooth itself, so unless you want to lose your BT calls you have to live with it.

Here's hoping for a software update pronto.

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sorry this wont help your problem but how did you get your iphone to play through the stereo?

i've connected it and it recieves incoming and outgoing calls no bother but i cannot play music through the speakers?

i have a iphone 3G with 3.0 fireware

You need the latest firmware installed on your Fiesta stereo to use BT audio. Cars built some time after June/July have this fitted already. I haven't see word lately on whether the update is now being offered by Ford to owners of older cars.

If you keep pressing the Aux button it will show up as BT Audio if you have it installed. It's a Pain in the Jacksy frankly - it's unreliable, poor quality and then interferes with the standard USB connectivity as mentioned above.

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It probably is

I had a look at the phone this morning and it didn't seem to be running through a playlist, however on the drive home the battery life reduced by around 30% - need to check it again tomorrow!

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same here :)

i just go to ipod function and press the pause to stop playing. Very annoying though.

A note however is that the "Phone name" function on the stereo / iPhone voice control feature now works on the iPhone 3.1 update. Unfortunately the mic which recognises your voice is still on the iPhone and not the car mic..... an improvement never the less.

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