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Fiesta 2011 Battery light issue.


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Hi, im new to this forum and need some help.  

My 2011 fiesta 1.25 has an annoying problem where the battery light keeps coming on,  mostly on longer drives.  it's been like this for a while but the car has always been fine apart from the light.   While driving at the weekend the light came on again but this time more lights came on and the car started to drive weird (power steering and ABS stopped working) Stopped the car and turned it off, when trying to restart the battery was flat.  

I have had this happen before in a previous car so I assumed it was a faulty alternator.  after jump starting the car everything worked fine again and the battery light was off. I checked the alternator output and was getting 14.5v with the car at idle.  I thought it must have an intermittent fault so I got the alternator changed yesterday. Driving to work again this morning the light has come back on so it's not the alternator.

If anyone has any idea what could be wrong,  I would be grateful for any help.

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You've already replaced the alternator? Ouch, that must have been an expensive job. Did you check your battery first? It could be leaking or losing charge. Perhaps all you need is a new battery? Batteries are not maintenance free, they need to be replaced when the battery can no longer hold a full or adequate charge.

All the best. :)

P.S. Welcome to the forum, it's great to have another owner here. :laugh:

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Hi guys

Just wondering if somebody could help me..

My car has been perfectly fine (12 plate ford fiesta) running all up and well. I did a 10 minute drive today, parked up, and then turned the ignition off. Once it turned off the warning light came on for the battery sign. However, when i am actually driving the warning light no longer appears. This just comes when ive turned the ignition off.

Any suggestions on what i should do?

Thinking i need to take it to the garage this weekend if it doesnt pack up by then!?

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On 11/21/2018 at 10:48 PM, Kyle1991 said:

Hi 4x4monster did you get a fix for this vehicle? I have one doing the exact same problem 



Hi, not been on here for a while. Yes it was the split on the thin cables going to the alternator. Wire repaired and has been fine ever since.

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