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Mondeo 2008 Heating controls HELP! :)

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Hi guys, I have bought a mondeo last night and the heater controls are missing and also the radio..

can anyone please help me as I'm trying to buy replacement parts but I can find anything that suits the HOLE in my dash...


please see see picture thank you..


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or non touchscreen may be ,

tried putting an image on here for you to see but it wont load up, google mondeo radio display in images,, you will see the display/radio you need


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Bit cheeky selling the car without an integral part which renders the climate control useless.

Probably sold it seperately for more profit.

Did you buy private or dealer?

New from Ford you'll be looking at about £1000.

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Thank you guys, I have replaced the facia and put in a standard 6000cd in all working apart from my heater controls I have a electrical fault as it keeps blowing the climate control module iv put in two now.. :,(

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