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Is it difficult to replace the ''GASKET'' on an EGR on the mk2 focus ?

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Last year a friend replaced the EGR and it's manifold on my 2006 mk2 focus sport 1.8 TDCI.

The first time I drove my car afterward, I hear a quiet hiss during acceleration, it is not very noticeable and nobody else in the car can probably hear it, even my friend said he can hardly hear it. But it irritates me and the sound was not there before he replaced the EGR.

I think I do remember him saying he lost the gasket that was on it, so he put  a used one he'd found in his garage on instead ( no idea why he didn't put new gasket on) , could that be causing the hiss or could it be something else??



Anyway, whether it is the egr gasket or not, how difficult is it to replace the GASKET on an egr which has a manifold on this car type |/





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fairly simple. probably best to follow Lenny's guide to blanking the EGR (I would also suggest you do this anyway). But yeah, undo a couple of bolts, pull out the old gasket, plug the new one in and bolt once again.

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i doubt its egr gasket, as the manifold has been off , im betting its the gasket between turbo and manifold, its a thin washer type gasket, easily falls out during refitting .

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