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Broke my passenger wing mirror last night


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I've managed to trash my pride and joy already :( ! Well, the passenger mirror anyway. Reversed to close to a tree and heard a sickening crunch...

So I'm on eBay this morning just in case I can find a replacement, but the end of today I'll be phoning my insurers (just as well I got comprehensive cover and protected excess!!).

But if anyone knows where I could just walk in to a shop and get an Ocean blue mirror unit complete, that folds, and has the heating element, and some instructions how to replace it, please let me know!

Much appreciated.

Edited to add: I've cracked the blue top cover casing (well there's missing clips now anyway), the indicator light (ditto) and the mirror pane itself (there's like a ring of clips, one clip is now missing) and also the bottom plastic cover is cracked. So the only thing that looks fine is the motor and gadgets assembley.

Another edit: £192 including labour, and VAT from the dealer. May as well go with that then... tomorrow evening all could be well!

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I did something similar to my passenger mirror a little while ago. it seemingly exploded into a gajillion bits but apart from a couple of lost clips, it popped back together fine and there's only a light scratch on the edge of the blue housing. There's a small crack on the indicator light because I dropped it whilst putting the thing back together. <_<

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£192 including labour, and VAT from the dealer. May as well go with that then... tomorrow evening all could be well!

I thought this was hugely expensive, and then i look back at past receipts for my MK4 fiesta and mirrors for that were £90 each for non-folding non-electric boggo black plastic ones!

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It's upsetting that each component has a snapped clip, perhaps a mile an hour slower and it could all have been easily put back together! Even the bottom housing has a crack - so it's far easier to just say "please fix it all, here's my cheque box and my next unborn son".

Frankly I'm an idiot, but in addition, with new cars come great responsibility. They need a properly good job doing when it comes to repairs - an older car I would have happily glued things back together, but this needs to stay as factory mint for longer than a week! That's my view...

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