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egr valve

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hi, I have a 2007 transit, 2.4tdci.  I have been told I need a new egr valve.  would I need a water cooled one on none water cooled and any idea on price. I looked on eBay and there are all sorts and all prices.  help please

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wouldnt bother cleaning it myself, by the time youve got it off, got covered in coolant, cursed because the bolts are a pain to get to, then curse because there tight. you get my drift by now lol

fro experience its quite oftenthe electrical part that causes the egr to jam up, or water ingress in connector causing corrosion.

you could be lucky and its just carboned up.

good luck

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thanks. Will try the cheap option first. My husband will do it lol. I keep making cups of tea and he's happy. Not much luck with this van. New turbo, alternator and back axle so got to try the cheaper way First. Thanks for replying

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