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Kkda steering assist / engine management error

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I hope someone can help....  focus 1.8 2005 diesel (kkda)  while driving on the motorway engine died, error messages :- steering assist and engine management showed ...  engine wont turn over at all... ... long story short.. car been looked at by local garage, auto electrician  ( said it was instrument cluster) sent cluster away to be resoldered/tested... still the same... electrician ran 2 wires from loom in passangers footwell (canbus?) I think to diagnostic plug. .. can start the engine now but no throttle control...( get fuel computer error now also ....power steering does work normally )  sent car to ford main dealer.... told me accelerator pedal  assy... £270 later no different. .. told me it must be ecu £2000 to repair... no thanks I thought... purchased ecu/cluster/key/key reader from eBay ... fitted ... exactly the same ... running out of ideas now... fitted salvaged throttle body... still the same... I have basic mechanical and electrical skills so can't read fault codes... the first garage told me they could not communicate with any of the cars computers if that helps.... I thought the clue would be to do with the steering assist error but none of the experts seem to think that is the problem... If the power steering pump / ecu were the problem would this prevent throttle control?   Any advice would be welcome, I've spent £600 on the car now and it's been off the road for 3 months... if anyone can help I'd be really grateful.....


 not 100% sure how to use this forum so apologies if this is the wrong place

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