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Alternator problems

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Hi everyone hope someone can give me advice please. 

I own a 2010 diesel mondeo I had the alternator replaced 2 weeks ago, then yesterday the dashboard lit up and said over charging then all the electric went off and a burning smell appeared, but all the electrics work now apart from the alternator im taking it back to the garage but wanted some advice so I don't get ripped off

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Do you have breakdown cover.

If so i would get it taken to the garage that supplied and fitted it.

If it has burnt out and over charged it may have taken the battery/ecu/loom under bonnet.


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Cheers jamie, unfortunately I don't have breakdown cover something I need to rectify.

It's still running so going to drive it to the garage tomm, just hopping they don't say it's something else and try and charge me extra, it's got to be there fault,hopefully because I'm skint lol.

I've spent a fortune on this car :(

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