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Windows opening by themselves - not with key

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About a week ago I went outside and found the four windows all almost fully open. The key was hung up in the hallway, so the buttons had not been pressed accidently (I am aware this is a feature if you press and hold the button from a previous thread).

This morning the same thing happened. Again, keys hung up in the hallway.

The alarm went off twice last night when walking past, but not touching the car. The alarm has not gone off before, so guessing this is not linked.

Is this likely to be a fault with the electrics in the car, or could there be a dodgy signal from the key fob?  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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start off by removing the battery from the remote fob, if the problem stops as suddenly as it started, its probably a faulty switch. It could be sending the unlock and hold signal which activates global open.

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