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Hi I bought a 2007 focus sport 1.8 petrol and when you touch the throttle there is a slight miss also when idle there is a slight bounce I have changed the EGR valve spark plugs the ignition coils and it's had a full service but the miss is still there has anybody got any ideas please I'm throwing money at it like no tomorrow and I am so stressed with it all 

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On 1 April 2016 at 7:08 PM, Russ said:

Did you check the leads?

Hi russ i have had it on a diagnostics and it hasn't come up anything I have just changed the fuel injector aswell but was speaking to someone and they said that its fuel related so that's why I haven't bothered with the leads and it now sounds like it's sucking in air 

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1 hour ago, John florence said:

Which leads would I check as they go to everything 

Spark Plug leads, check them with a meter as you 'might' find one has 'gone'


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