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FAO all TDCI owners - diesel purge

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Hi all,

I don't know how many diesel owners on here know about this stuff, I have used it on previous cars and have just done it on my 1.4 TDCi mk 6 Fiesta, its Liquimoly Diesel purge, its basically a strong injector cleaner. What is different to other injector cleaners is the fact that you run this stuff neat through the injectors - it comes in a metal can and you run the input and output lines from the pump directly into the can.

You then simply start the car up and run the car at various RPMs, I got quite a large can and only run about half of it through but what I can say is that its definitely made a marked difference to my car which is currently on 112k miles. The throttle response is much much better and I would guess that the MPG will now pick up a bit as well (currently testing MPG on my daily drive) - there is also a good boost in performance.

There are 2 ways you can use the stuff, the first is running it neat through the system (recommended) which clears the muck out of the injectors (much like the Terraclean stuff), the other way to use it as a maintenance item and add some to every time you top up. I do run Shell diesel through the system but I have no clue what the previous owners would have used, coupled with the fact that I have now disabled the EGR I figured now would be a good time to give things a good clean out.

Has anyone else on here used it at all? I have tried some Redex ages ago and due to the very dilute amount there wasn't much difference - better to simply keep the car well serviced instead of spending out of Redex etc. But I do genuinely think that this product is worth recommending, its brought back some lost performance from my injectors - they obviously won't fix damage but I have a feeling that it would have cleaned up the internals and the nozzles considering the very high pressure.

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Being a nosy chemist, I had a look into this stuff and it mainly consists of medium-sized hydrocarbons, both linear chain-like molecules and cyclic and aromatic ones also. So basically light oil-type stuff that burns more easily than diesel.

The 'active ingredient' appears to be 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (a specialized explosive) which is a pretty standard ingredient of additives that improve cetane ratings (they give shorter ignition delays), alongside the alternative that would be di-tert-butyl peroxide - this stuff's particularly interesting as it could be used to fuel an internal combustion engine that doesn't consume any air or at the least very little.

Liqui-moly claim their diesel purge can reduce emissions and this seems to be true - papers here and here.

Terraclean aren't so forthcoming with their material safety data sheets and the only one I can find for fuel injector cleaner says it's made up of mostly (60-100%) of petroleum distillate (a mix of hydrocarbon solvents good at removing heavy oil and grease, tar and waxes), and up to 5% each of diacetone alcohol and diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethanol) (both industrial solvents, found in some hydraulic brake fluids) and isopropyl alcohol (solubilises water in fuel) amongst other things.

To me it seems that you can get a Terraclean service or DIY with Liqui-moly and end up with pretty much the same result.

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