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rev and power loss

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I'm currently a learner driver with my own car, it was going so well up until a month after paying it all off, its a 2003 ford fiesta finesse 1.3, mileage at about 60,000
I'm having a problem with that once i get moving itll be all fine and then for no reason, i lose power, revs and no matter if my foots to the floor it wont accelerate, when this happens i normally put the car into neutral and give it full revs to idle 2/3 times then it the car is perfectly fine, it has got a check engine light on the dash but that was from the lamda sensor which has been replaced, ive seen it could be a clogged MAF sensor but i dont want to tinker with it if its not, need some help

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You don't have a MAF so its not that !
Get the codes read and reset, a code reader or USB/Bluetooth OBD device is a good cheap investment if you want to do it yourself.

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