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05 Mondeo Estate Help

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Hi all, newbie here, in need of help :)

I have a 05 Mondeo estate 2.0 TDCI, I went to check the oil the other day and the oil dipstick holder (metal tube) snapped :(

So I got a new, complete one from a breakers, the remaining bit on the old one was a PIG to get out, access was limited and it was just stuck, in the end I had to drain all the oil out which seemed to de-pressurize it and I could get it out, took rather a long time in the end, now my problem is, how the hell do I get the new one in.

I can't see the hole where its supposed to go, I guess its somewhere on the sump tank, that would make sense, but I can't see it, and the bracket on the metal tube just gets caught on everything and access is very tight, now the oil is drained would I achieve better access by removing the oil filter itself, do I go in from top to bottom or jack it up and bottom to top I do not have a clue what to do. have I bitten of more than I can chew here.

Please help


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I would recommend, bolt the top back into place (just a couple of turns, you dont want it locked in place, just dangling freely. That will allow you to get a better idea. Then you should be able to relocate the bottom end of the dipstick, then tighten everything up

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Hey Jeebowhite, thank you for the message, I see what you are saying, but access is such an issue and this pipe although metal is pretty flexible so I feel a bit like a blind man trying to find a needle in a haystack :( if I could see it even it would help but nope, is there anything a DIY-er can safely and comfortably remove for better viewing and access in general.

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my best advice, call out a mobile mechanic, and let it be their problem! for them it could be a half hour job.

I recently found my leak off pipe broke well and truly. I called out a mechanic and he had it all sorted in half an hour, cost me 40 quid, and probably saved me a load of time agro and stress!

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