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Windscreen replacement is it infra red coated?

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I've had the screen replaced on my mk2.5 focus titanium recently at a ford dealer, the original screen had IR on it

The replacement screen is'nt a genuine ford one and doesn't say IR anywhere, although there's a picture of a thermometer type thing with 5 degrees underneath?

At the top of the screen there's the places for electrical items like Sat nav etc much the same as the old one. Just wanted to know if the 5 degrees thing means it's infra red or not.

It doesn't have the same blue hue/tint as the original so.wondering   if the dealer has mugged  me off with a cheap screen even though I said it was infra red and they said it would take a day longer to get one of these from somewhere 


Any ideas appreciated

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It should have IR in a circle at the bottom.  What brand is the screen, Pilkington?  Should be green tint with a silvery coating.

It makes absolutely no difference in my experience though lol.

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The original screen had IR on both sides of the screen. This isn't a Pilkington one just a generic one and I think the 5 degrees probably means it's infrared, judging by some pictures I found on Google. (Sad I know!)

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( "IR" ) is for iridium.

If the glass does not bear the Ford logo, it is usually not "the same" as one that does. Even some of those which have  the Ford logo lasered off (or painted over) is often because it was rejected by the factory (or did not meet the standard). 

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