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In Built Sav Nav/Computer - Missing Menus. SD Card?

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Hi All, 

I have a Focus with the SatNav/Computer system in it, same as the image below.  

When I go to some menus I never see any options come up where I feel they should be. Clock (No options for changing the time/Date) just a blank blue screen, And this happens on quite a few different scenes including some of the navigation ones. ALTHOUGH, I can see the maps and they work - I just can't do anything with them....

I don't have the most recent SD card in, Its a v3, And I think I saw a V5 on eBay. Do the SDs include updates for the rest of the computer system - As I'm hoping this might fix it! 

Thanks in advance, 


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to be honest, I believe the SD's are no more than the maps. there are means of updating the firmware, but I believe you need access to the rear and the firmware on a USB stick

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It is, this is old firmware, should imagine there is later version, your ford dealer should either have it and update for you, or you may be able to buy it.


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Ah ok nice one, I will head to the ford dealer first at the weekend then! 

I did find this thread - 

Which has a link to an audio update, But not sure if its appropriate for this model...


Tahnks for the help :)

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Ah that image didnt load up until I refreshed the page even though I saw your reply! Makes more sense now, I'll look out for that CD thanks! :)

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Ha ha , I tried uploading image using the forum app but it didn't work, so had to use PC forum website and upload that way after

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