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Horrible grinding noise

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Hi, I hope someone can help, I own a 2003 Focus 1.8 tdci and my clutch/gearbox's has started making a horrible grinding noise and I can feel vibrations through the clutch pedal. The noise is a loud dry grinding sound and comes and goes- it's less when the engine is revving-ie it seems worse in tick over. It lasted for about ten minutes last night whilst driving, then stopped as suddenly as it started, but has happened a few times today but not for as long. Can anybody shed any light on this for me please? I'm hoping its just something as simple as topping up my gearbox oil.

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No Jeebowhite, no slippage but at one point I put my foot on the clutch and the pedal stayed down until I pulled it up manually as such with my foot, basically it didn't return to its normal position, I've driven the car a few miles today just to see what's going on and all is as normal-

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If the clutch pedal stayed down to the floor and you had to pull it back up then you are losing hydraulic fluid from either the slave or master cylinder at a guess.

If the clutch and pressure plate is not moved into the correct position then you could get all sorts of noises when in gear, this could cause trouble for your DMF, clutch plate and pressure plate, this potentially could be a very expensive fix at a garage.

A video of the noise would certainly help for better advice.

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the dual mass flywheels when damaged have a tendancy to make a grinding noise, then they jam up and go quiet, acting like a solid flywheel. another jolt and then its noisey again, as for pedal, as the previous post say, master or clutch cyl issue

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