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Head gasket diagnosed as gone but no power loss, no water loss, no oil/water mixing, no smoke

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I paid a garage £900 about 10 months ago to replace head gasket as they said it was gone but later I found out they only replaced water pump .

I began losing water lately and had a chemical test on coolant done, it changed colour almost instantly and I was told head gasket was gone.

However I lately found out the metal water pipe had a hole in it, since fixing this metal pipe I have had no more loss of water,



My car runs fine, no power loss ( except what I suspect to be from bad MAF wiring ) no more loss of water, no smoke , no oil water mixing together e.t.c.



Is it possible that although the chemical test on the coolant revealed head gasket as gone, is it possible that it isn't gone as I don't have one single symptom of HG failure. also if it is actually  ''gone'' is it worth repairing or just leaving it whilst it is showing no symptoms ?






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5 hours ago, jeebowhite said:

It could be oil was swept into the coolant from the damaged pipe. I think that tends to be what the test picks up on?

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The pipe had water running through it, not water. Sorry if I am not understanding,  or do you mean some oil may have got into the tiny hole on the metal pipe thus on the chemical test revealing head gasket as gone ?


Is it possible the head gasket is not actually gone after all ?

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The tester reacts to carbon dioxide...  The only way that can get into the coolant is from the cylinders through a blown headgasket as far as I'm aware.  I'm not sure if there is any way to 'fool' that particular test.

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